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“I love good food and I want to make it my life”, if you belong to this trait: Cherry-pick Bayfield Food Ingredients as a trusted partner to delight your customers. At our heart, we develop and nurture breakthrough products and solutions.


Our promise is to provide solutions that always surpass competitors and help to meet the unmet needs at your end. As the best regional innovative foodservice solution provider for your consumers, we offer you the best from nature to delight your customers.

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We are a leading regional innovative customized solutions provider

We offer ingredients and solutions for snacks, food service, meat, beverage and bakery industries. At Bayfield, we search the world of flavours, textures and culinary techniques to position your brand value to stand apart. Our solutions always stand out backed by our ingredient’s functional expertise, know-how on application capability and core processing technologies. Each solution is a unique blend of our expertise and passion to create innovative food offerings.

Our goal is to be a partner of choice to customers by offering customized solutions, services, expert advice and capabilities to win in your markets.

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We think like a foodie

At BAYFIELD, we have a dedicated team of food application technologists & culinary professionals to turn and drive any of your Savory & sweet quenches. Together we excel in,

  • Food Revolution A Sensory Revolution
  • flavour manufacturers in india Differentiate yourselves from           competitions
  • food product supplier A food in four steps
  • fresh food product Tune Products freshness
  • food technology Freshness retention
  • natural flavours Be Natural

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How do we do it differently?

Bayfield's solutions for different needs

While a growing number of consumers choose better-for-you food trends, they will not move away from their treats and experiences. Instead, they have become smarter in their indulgence choices, specifically when it comes to their preferred taste and appearance. Bayfield can help your customers to innovate breakthrough offerings by improving their nutritional profile and sensory preferences.



Only by digging down to the roots of specific needs can bring about innovation that will make your product unique. Bayfield’s in-house developed products help you to unleash the hidden needs of your consumers and meet our promise of first-time-right products


Conducting business with ethics

Responsibly utilize knowledge for creating innovations to help our society


Enriching our employees and customers


Working to feed for faster life responsibly


Be a trusted partner of our customers


Be innovative and leader in the focused area by creating distintive value in offering


Be responsible and committed to society


To produce high-quality, low cost, easy to use products that provide high acceptance for the customer and the end user


Creating unmatched products and solutions


Helping customers to understand their consumers by consumer insight support


Managing risk by proper quality management approach


creating unmatchable taste and consistency through science

Lets walk together

Give us your details if you are interested and we will be happy to develop a customized solution for you.