Culinary is much wide and meticulously tedious when done by an unskilled person.

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Creating a beverage is an easy task, but creating an extraordinary beverage is itself a task.

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bakery and desserts

Baking is an art with lot of personal touch with it. At Bayfield we bring science to art,

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Our Competency

Bayfield Food Technologies intend to help your business reach new heights with unmatchable tastes and cost effectiveness. Our competency enable us to provide you tailor made products with premium quality ingredients and uniform / standard product throughout the year at a competitive price.
Get freedom from the head ache of product failure, taste variation, attrition of key manpower and safety issues. Sit back, relax and watch how your business is taking a leap forward. We are here to Help You!!

Our Heritage

Our Heritage is abundant experience in food science and technology. We at Bay Field Food Technologies nurture national and international product experience to deliver DESI fruitful solutions. We have capability to recreate any taste in our laboratory and create instant version of it makes our clients life convenient.
We also create customized solutions for our esteemed clients which makes them to stand out from crowed, Customized solutions are mainly offered in dairy, ice-cream and bakery solutions.